09:00 TO 15:00

Summer Meeting

FEATURED SPEAKER: Keith Delaplane. TOPICS: 1. Bees in nature and what they can teach us 2. Breeding bees superorganismally NOTES: Please bring your favorite dish to share during the pot luck luncheon. Beverages will be provided. Admission is FREE for memb...

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Lockwood Farm, 890 Evergreen Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518
Event Location
08:00 TO 12:45

Fall Meeting

FEATURED SPEAKER: Dr. Brenna Traver TOPICS: 1. Searching for the Holy Grail of Bees 2. How to Deal with Stressed Out Bees NOTES: Q&A with experienced beekeepers in the morning. NO potluck! If you want to bring a snack to share during the breaks, feel ...

Memorial Hall, 10 The Green, Bethlehem, CT 06751
Event Location